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Price Gouging

March 20, 2020

Are you a Victim?

  • Author: Jordan Key
Price Gouging

Do you suspect that you may have been a victim of price gouging?

Under California Penal Code 396, individuals, businesses and other entities are prohibited from raising the price of major necessities (food, drink, water, flashlights, medical supplies, antibacterial products, etc.) by more than 10% for 30 days after a declaration of emergency. 

Similarly, Riverside County Ordinance 768 states that it is unlawful for any person, company, or business to sell or offer to sell emergency items (consumer food, emergency/medical supplies, or gasoline) for an amount which exceeds 10% the price charged for said goods on the day prior to the emergency proclamation.  

A violation of this code or ordinance can result in fines and possible jailtime.

How to file a complaint of price gouging?

Individuals may file a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office by calling: (800) 952-5255 or file a complaint online by going to

For residents of Riverside County, a complaint can be filed online with the County District Attorney’s Office at

To get more information on price gouging, go to

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