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Oriental Fruit Fly (OFF) Quarantine Information

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Mon, 29/01/2024 - 04:00

Due to detections of the Oriental Fruit Fly (OFF) in parts of Riverside County, Riverside County is under an effective Invasive Fruit Fly Quarantine

The Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner's Office

is here to assist growers, packers and shippers with compliance agreements for movement of fruit and vegetables within the quarantine area. 

Residents - We Need Your Help!

• Now is a critical time for residents in fruit fly quarantine areas to protect their backyard fruits and vegetables from invasive fruit flies.

• To prevent the spread of invasive fruit flies through homegrown fruits and vegetables, residents living in the invasive fruit fly quarantine areas are urged not to move any fruits and vegetables from their properties.

• Fruits and vegetables may be consumed or processed (i.e., juiced, frozen, cooked, or ground in the garbage disposal) at the property where they were picked.

• If they are not consumed or processed, please dispose of them by double-bagging in plastic bags and putting the bags in the garbage bin for collection, not green waste.

  • For more information on what else residents can do, click here

  • You can find a description of the quarantine here and an updated map of the quarantine area here

  • Find OFF Fact Sheet here

  • Find Pre-Harvest Treatment Requirements here

  • For more information please email [email protected]