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Laws & Regulations

Ordinances Administered by the Agricultural Commissioner's Office

Ordinance Subject
Ord. No.
Available Information
 FormsInfoOther Agencies**
Ag Burn Permits Rule 444Y 1,7
Ag Grading Registration457Y 4
Ag Manure Application Registration 427Y 2
Beekeeping(Apiary) 551 Y 
Corn Inspection Program566 Y 
Cost Recovery-Code Enforcement Actions 725 Y 
Dust Permits(Western County) 484Y  
Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Program (Palo Verde Valley)610 Y 
Lettuce Mosaic Virus Certification Program569 Y 
Right to Farm625 Y 
Weights & Measures Commercial Device Registration599Y  
Weights. & Measures Non-Commercial Device Registration620 Y 
Weights & Measures Scanner and Packer Registration832   

Ordinances of Agricultural Interest Administered by Other Agencies

Ordinance Subject
Ord. No.
Primary Agency**
Abandoned Orchards/Weeds7721
Ag Preserves(Williamson Act)5093
Ag Wells6822
Ag Commodity Identification5635
Animals(Domestic)-At Large5342
Asparagus Field Burning6421.7
Business Registration and Licensing8574
Class A Biosolids Land Application6962
Class B Biosolids Land Application569 
Class B Biosolids Land Application Prohibition8122
Code Enforcement Issues4574
Commercial Poultry Ranches5652
Control of Flies523, 5272
Crowing Roosters8172
Dust Control(Coachella Valley)7424
Hazardous Vegetation6951
Hog Ranches4312
Land Use Planning & Zoning3483
Light Pollution6553
MSHCP Fee - Coachella Valley8756
Noise Regulation8475
Removal of Rubbish5414
Roadside Vending8532
SKR Habitat Mitigation Fee6636
Solid Waste Complaints6572
Surface Mining Act5553
Tree Removal - Above 5000 Feet5593
TUMF Fees (Coachella Valley)6736
TUMF Fees(Western County)8244.6

**Agency Reference

1Riverside County Fire Dept.
2Riverside County Public Health Dept.
3Riverside County Planning Dept.
4Riverside County Building & Safety Dept.
5Riverside County Sheriff
5Riverside County Code Enforcement
6Riverside County Executive Office
6Western Riverside Council of Government
6Coachella Valley Associated Government
8All Riverside County Ordinances