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Private Applicator Certification (PAC) Information

August 2, 2019

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  • Author: Jacquelyne Drainville

Private Applicator Certification (PAC)

California and Federally Restricted Use Pesticides may only be used or the use supervised by a certified applicator. In California persons holding a qualified license or certificate issued by the Department of Pesticide Regulation or a Private Applicator Certificate issued by the county agricultural commissioner’s office are certified applicators. A private applicator is a person who uses or supervises the use of a restricted use pesticide for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity on property owned, leased, or rented by him/her or his/her employer; or a householder who uses or supervises the use of a restricted use pesticide outside their residence to control plant or turf pests on residential property owned, leased, or rented by the householder.

To become certified, a private applicator must come into our office, take and pass a written examination with a minimum score of 70%. There is no fee for taking the examination, obtaining the certification card, or renewing the certification by passing the written examination.

The examination is available in both English and Spanish. The only part of the Spanish examination written in English is the pesticide label. Federal law requires all certified applicators to be able to read and understand the registered labeling. In the United States most pesticide labels are only written in English.

You may purchase the Study Guide from the University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources' website:

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